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Ron Clark Books

Ron Clark is a Distinguished Practitioner in Residence where he has taught Pretrial Advocacy, Trial Advocacy, and more

Ron Clark is passionate about providing a unique selection of books that center on   interests in pretrial, trial and appellate advocacy, public speaking,  humor, and more. He understands the importance of a good book and strives to share that experience with readers. Ron takes pride in offering books that are different and offer an experience that is personalized to your interests. Explore  this diverse collection of books.

Ron is a Distinguished Practitioner in Residence at Seattle University Law School where he has taught Pretrial Advocacy, Trial Advocacy, Essential Lawyering Skills, Visual Litigation and Today’s Technology, and Essential Litigation Visuals and Technology. 

Ron also is a nationally known lecturer, having lectured at over 40 national continuing legal education courses and for numerous bar associations and prosecutor associations across the country. I have also conducted international training for the Department of Justice and Department of State. 

For 27 years, Ron served in the King County Prosecutor's office in Seattle, Washington, where he served as a Senior Deputy and as the Chief Deputy of the Criminal Division. Later, Ron was the Senior Training Counsel at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina before returning to Seattle and resuming work at Seattle University Law School. 

Ron has authored over a dozen books, including, among others Pretrial Advocacy and Trial Advocacy; Jury Selection Handbook; Visual Litigation; Roadways to Justice; Eradicating American “Prosecutor Misconduct”; Powerful Presentations; Trial Advocacy Goes to the Movies, Addressing the Jury,  Management and Leadership Handbook and Lawyer Humor Handbook.

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