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This Eradicating American “Prosecutor Misconduct” Handbook: A Handbook for Prosecutors, Criminal Defense Attorneys, and Others Interested in Criminal Justiceis designed for both prosecutors and defense counsel alike as well as anyone interested in the prosecutor’s roles and functions. Its modest goal is to eradicate what is called “prosecutor misconduct”. While this Handbook may serve as a guidebook for prosecutors, it also arms defense counsel with information that can be used to ensure that their clients receive a fair trial.


An example of how the Handbook simultaneously guides prosecutors and arms defense counsel is that it spells out what a prosecutor is prohibited by law and ethical rules from saying in trial. By identifying what a prosecutor is not permitted to say in trial, it not only tells prosecutors what not to do but also provides defense counsel with grounds and legal authority for either an objection, a motion for mistrial, or an appeal if the trial judge overrules the objection or denies the motion.


Inside this short yet comprehensive Handbook, you’ll learn:

•    What a prosecutor by law and ethical rules is prohibited from saying and doing in pretrial and trial
•    The history of the American prosecutor from colonial times until now
•    The prosecutor’s unique roles and responsibilities in the criminal justice system
•    The wide-spread misunderstanding of the American prosecutor’s roles and functions
•    Prosecutorial error in different phases of pretrial and trial, including prejudicial pretrial publicity, jury selection, addressing the jury, utilization of prejudicial trial visuals and so on
•    The consequences that may flow from prosecutorial misconduct
•    Engaging and educational examples of prosecutor error along with the words from a cross-section of state and federal appellate courts describing both what and why the conduct is prohibited
•    And, more

Eradicating "American Prosecutor Misconduct"

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