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Cheer yourself and others up with the Lawyer Humor Handbook: The Complete Tome of Lawyer Jokes, Stories, Amusing Transcripts, Puns and Witticisms. Excellent resource for ice breaking when you are giving a speech, need a fun gift—especially for a lawyer, or want to lighten up any gathering or celebration. This Handbook compiles the whole gamut of lawyer jokes, stories, puns, court transcripts with lawyer faux pas, and other lawyer witticisms.

In this Handbook you’ll find:


•    210 Humorous lawyer stories
•    62 Courtroom transcripts with lawyer gaffes
•    83 Question and answer lawyer jokes
•    19 Law school amusements
•    38 Punchy puns and word-play bits
•    2 Legal writing funny pieces 
•    26 Hilarious one-liners 
To bring a chuckle or a laugh-out-loud experience get and share a copy of the Lawyer Humor Handbook.

Lawyer Humor Handbook

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