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The Appellate Prosecutor: A Practical and Inspirational Guide to Appellate Advocacy is a new book for appellate advocates, particularly those in attorney general's and prosecutor's offices.


The importance of an appellate prosecutor's work cannot be overstated. Don Zelenka, a consummate appellate advocate, expressed it well when he wrote, "If the maxim that 'the best use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts life' is correct, the life and work of an appellate prosecutor is one to be cherished." Appellate prosecutors not only preserve just convictions through their advocacy but also shape the law for the future.


Authors for this book are some of the best-of-the-best teachers and authorities on how to be an effective appellate advocate. They were selected from across the country and include appellate prosecutors from attorney general's and prosecutor's offices as well as appellate judges and justices and a law professor.


The authors have crafted information-packed chapters on these subjects:

  • Persuasion, Planning and Analysis for Appellate Advocacy - The building blocks of persuasion and how to use them in appellate advocacy
  • Writing the Persuasive Brief - How to effectively craft the three major sections of the brief
  • The Key to Good Legal Writing
  • A Sample Appellate Brief Template
  • Appellate Strategies - How to: find procedural and other bars; uncover flaws in Appellant's brief; determine the real issue; enhance your credibility with the court and more.
  • Research Resources: An Appellate Lawyer's Tools of the Trade - Internet sites, prosecutor association information banks and written resources for appellate prosecutors.
  • Standards of Review: The First Line of Defence Protecting the Record for Appeal: Advice to the Trial Prosecutor Professional Responsibility on Appeal -
  • How to respond to ethical dilemmas that confront appellate prosecutors.
  • Prosecutor Appeals - eight considerations that may influence your decision to appeal.
  • Successful Appellate Oral Advocacy. Appellate Court Conferencing of Cases - How appellate courts conference and how that can effect your advocacy.
  • Answering the Difficult Questions from the Bench.
  • Inspirational Words for the Appellate Advocate.


As Judge Charles Moylan, thirty-year veteran of the appellate bench, renowned lecturer and author, put it, "This work in my judgement will find an indispensable place on the desk, or at the bedside before argument, of every successful appellate prosecutor."


The Appellate Prosecutor: A Practical and Inspirational Guide

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