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What do My Cousin Vinny and Atticus Finch have in common? A lot more than you might think. While Atticus Finch’s closing argument in To Kill a Mockingbird continues to inspire viewers to attend law school, the cross-examinations in My Cousin Vinny—while hilariously funny—offers an equally compelling example of excellent trial advocacy.

With the aid of movie clips that are just a click away, this e-book explores advocacy from pretrial preparation through closing argument.

Inside this concise yet comprehensible eBook, which is includes movie clip gems that you can watch, you’ll learn:

• A methodology for writing the script for your trial performances from opening statement through closing argument
• How to effectively engage and deliver a message to an audience—the jury
• Trial advocacy strategies, techniques, and skills
• Whom to cast as witnesses to be called at trial
• How to be successful in trial by watching movies based on real trials
• The ethical and legal boundaries that trial lawyers should not cross
• How to impart your message to a jury with storytelling and visuals
• The concession-seeking cross-examination methodology
• And, so much more

Trial Advocacy Goes to the Movies

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